Walvoil ALS – Adaptive Load Sensing System, at eima 2021 fitted on an Agri Farmer 34.7 GD by Dieci

The ALS Adaptive Load Sensing system developed by Walvoil is a winner project of the Technical Innovation Contest Eima 2020-21, recognition of absolute innovation, also with the ‘Blue Award’ dedicated to the solutions that stand out in terms of environmental sustainability.

From 19 to 23 October this innovative system will be present at a specific area of Eima and fitted on an Agri Farmer 34.7 GD by Dieci, partner company with which all the experimental tests have been conducted.

The heart of Adaptive Load Sensing is represented by an electro-hydraulic device fitted on the directional control valve, which allows to dynamically modulate the Stand-by Margin, in order to minimize wear and energy consumption.

The ALS system is able to modulate the "Stand-by pressure" value according to the real working needs of  the machine, automatically varying it only when and as required.

Tested in 2020 on an Agri Plus 42.7 GD in 2020 for participating in the eima competition, it confirms its effectiveness compared to a standard configuration also on the Agri Farmer 34.7 telehandler present at eima, a more compact and easier to handle machine.

Also during these latest tests carried out on the Agri Farmer, the Walvoil-Dieci technical team noted and confirmed the benefits in terms of sustainability highlighted last year:
-    a drop in energy dispersion values equal to 28% during boom operations
-    a drop up to 45% during traveling phases
-    a reduction in total energy consumption of 5%

All this, with a significant improvement in the overall performance of the machine at various speeds.

Benefits in brief:
Energy efficiency . Productivity . Safety . Controllability . Stability . Versatility . Installation flexibility . Retrofit.

To learn more about the system:

Wait for you at eima (technical innovations area) and at:
Walvoil – Hall 18, stand B45
Dieci – Hall 36, stand A/4

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