About us

About us

Since 2015 Walvoil has been representing the Interpump Group’s Valves Division merging both the experiences and Walvoil, Hydrocontrol and Galtech brands.

Among the main manufacturers of integrated products, electronics and complete mechatronics systems, Walvoil keeps on projecting the future of motion in close touch with its customers and its partners from different sectors and markets.

Thanks to a strong presence in Italy and to a capillary network of branches and sales offices in continuous development worldwide, with our same attitudes – creativity, innovation, passion – we are able to create and share values with all our stakeholders.


We alleviate man’s fatigue through machine integrated and sustainable power solutions.


At Walvoil we have been projecting the future of motion for over forty years, by developing and supplying an integrated offer of hydraulic, electronic products and mechatronic systems worldwide.

Our commitment is to guarantee satisfaction for the diverse and complex engineering needs of our customers and a prompt and accurate service. 

We respect and value our employees’ authenticity, our partners and the community we operate in by keeping an ethical behavior.

Our final responsibility is towards our shareholders creating and sharing value thanks to our creativity, innovation and passion.


Listening and openness: listening means a meaningful meeting with the others, their needs and their ideas, to interpret their expectations and to anticipate the better solutions. Together with openness it means inclusive thinking and the capability to view from and to integrate different perspectives, a meeting creating our innovation story every day.

Trust & Collaboration: we trust in the women and in the men who, thanks to their commitment and passion, enrich Walvoil and the communities we live in making life a bit lighter. Through collaboration. 

Commitment & Responsibility: two faces of the same medal when we are aware of what we do and we choose to do. We are committed to a sustainable growth for all our stakeholders. Choices and social responsibility driving our relations and the evolution of the world we are part in.

Passion: it’s our resource in our daily action coming from our cultural and civil heritage, from the love for things well done.

Creativity: in a technologically advanced and nowadays always connected world, creativity, sensitivity and the beauty of being human help us distinguish ourselves and distinguish our proposals. Creativity as aptitude and as a process we can cultivate and learn. Creativity as support to better lead technology, as social value and as authentic strategic lever for development where all of us are co-authors and co-creators.

Innovation: for us a process, not something acquired; a path, not an aim; a nonstop flow, not a necessary condition. In this case as well, it has something to do with our culture and aptitude to improve.

Togetherness: sharing goals, competencies and successes with your collaborators, customers, suppliers, and communities both at local and international level. Sharing as an indispensable lever to engage and motivate.

Authenticity: it concerns the truthfulness of origins, attributes, commitments, sincerity, devotion, and intentions. We recognize and we are thankful to our roots for what we are and we can now express. It means being coherent to ourselves and with anyone who should enter in relationship with us. It means respect, transparency and loyalty.




Our roots originate from the experience of the former ‘Officine Reggiane’, an important reality that has deeply shaped and marked the mechanical cluster we operate in.