Walvoil's campaign targeting employees at all Italian locations continues, aiming to raise awareness of adopting more sustainable mobility on home-work commute.

Campaign kicked off by joining the project 'bike to work', a project promoted in collaboration with the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and the Emilia Romagna Region.

Thanks to the support and commitment of the employees of the Reggio Emilia plants, Walvoil emerges as one of the top three companies in the city contributing to improving the quality of home-work mobility.

The purpose of the campaign, which will continue and develop in the coming months, is also to highlight other ways of moving sustainably. In addition to biking: the use of public transportation, car pooling and even adopting healthy walking whenever possible.

‘Move Sustainably’ is an invitation we extend to everyone at all Walvoil locations in Italy.

As a company, we strive every day to reduce consumption, increase the capacity of alternative energy sources, adopt less impactful materials, invest in Research on products that look to a different future, and more.

Let’s adopt new practices as people. Let’s move sustainably.
It’s good for us and good for the environment we live in.