Walvoil part of the first national programme dedicated to "Clean Production"

Walvoil has successfully taken part in the first national experience of 'Clean Production' programme, an industrial Audit in Cleanliness aspects.

Companies from different industrial sectors – automotive, biomedical, fluid hydraulic power, constructions and earthmoving machines – coordinated by Unilab Laboratori Industriali Srl have collaborated in component and industrial plants Contamination Management (CM).

Through a systematic collection of real industrial samples, - both on industrial plants and on produced parts - the Project was aimed to define a Cleanliness Quality Mapping, a sort of "fingerprint of dirty" of each single participant, with the final aim to compare different industrial situations and prepare a statistical target based on hundreds of measurements.

The aims of the path promoted by Unilab Laboratori Industriali were:

  • To stimulate and to develop a Cleanliness culture at industrial level through training courses and workshops useful to share technical experiences and different industrial approaches;
  • To elaborate adequate technical procedures to be applied in production and able to allow proper contamination check levels in each single manufacturing phase.

The project has met broad consensus on the strategic importance of the matter. This experience has also enabled Unilab Laboratori Industriali to be accredited as the only laboratory facility in Italy able to test Industrial Contamination according to ISO 16232, current reference standard.

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