Walvoil awarded the BAQ 2021, the label for Quality of School-Job Alternation Experiences

Walvoil has always been committed to building and maintaining virtuous partnerships with Schools, Universities and Training Institutions in the territories where it is located: by opening the doors of its plants to show students and schoolchildren its business reality and make its know-how available, through a constant dialogue in the design phase of educational programmes, providing materials for school laboratories or collaborating in other activities for training purposes.

Among the main activities of collaboration with schools, Walvoil can certainly include the constant commitment in the activation of School-Job Alternation Programs at its plants in the provinces of Reggio Emilia and Bologna (Italy), for which Confindustria awarded the company the BAQ2021, the recognition of the label for Quality Alternation.
‘'It is a privilege for us to be an active part of the educational process of young people, with the awareness that they represent the workers of the future. We give great importance to the opportunity of School-Job Alternation, because for many students it represents the first approach to the world of work; fundamental experience, that allows them to orient themselves on the work environment that they consider most similar to their personal attitudes and professional ambitions'’, says Alessandra Sidoli, Training Manager at Walvoil.

Guaranteeing to students a period of training in the company is part of corporate social responsibility.
During the Alternation period, in fact, the company becomes an active part in the education of young people, offering them the opportunity to integrate the theoretical knowledge transmitted by the school in the business context and to let them acquire technical skills related to doing, as well as providing them with the chance to experiment in a business context with relational and organizational dynamics that are different from the school ones.
All this allows students to orient their professional choices in a more conscious way once they have finished  their studies; it allows the school to facilitate the employability of young people, and finally it allows the company to come into contact with young talents, who often turn out to be excellent candidates for job opportunities once they graduate.

Walvoil has been conducting this activity with satisfaction for years, also on the part of the students and Training Institutions that advocate this opportunity.

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