WALVOIL AT THE 'FLUID POWER AND ELECTRIFICATION EVENT: The hydraulic sector facing the challenge of the hybrid'

The Reggio Emilia Technopole and the Clust-ER MECH*, through the working group on Fluid Power, have organized a cycle of two seminars dedicated to the challenges, perspectives and projects that companies and research centers in Emilia Romagna Italian Region already have implemented or intend to develop in the coming years.

1st Appointment, March 4, 2021, 4.00 pm - The first meeting will focus on the evolution of hydraulic components in view of the challenge of electrification of on-road and off-road work machines. The seminar intends to highlight the strong innovative approach in the hydraulic sector towards increasingly electrified, green and connected solutions.
To keep up with the requirements imposed by new generation machines, the hydraulic world is aware that it has to increase efficiency through electrification and energy recovery, committing itself to increasing intelligence thanks to the opportunities offered by sensorization and electronic control.

Walvoil Spa and Ognibene Power will intervene with their projects and their vision on this strategic issue, supported by the world of research through CNR - STEMS.

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16:00 - Introduction - Andrea Parmeggiani - Fondazione REI / Clust-ER MECH
16:10 - The challenge of electrification in mobile hydraulics
           Pietro Marani – CNR STEMS
16:25 - From Directional Valves to the System: Innovation and Efficiency
           Alessandro Cervi – Walvoil SpA;
16:40 - New generation hybrid-electric steering systems for agricultural machinery
           Stefano Mercati – Ognibene Power  SpA;
16:55 – Conclusions and Q&A - Andrea Parmeggiani - Fondazione REI

* The Mechatronics and Motoristics Clust-ER is an association of 76 among public and private bodies: companies, research centres and training institutions that share skills, ideas and resources to support the competitiveness of the sector. The Emilia-Romagna Region has found in the Clust-ERs the subjects capable of multiplying innovation opportunities through a collaborative approach, as they focus their activity in R&D strategic sectors.