The new bench for experimental tests on hydraulic pumps and motors is ready

The new bench for experimental tests on hydraulic pumps and motors, capable of performing both performance and endurance tests (reliability validation) is ready to work at Walvoil main test Department located in Italy.

This bench allows to validate Walvoil products according to the standards of the major OEM customers, simulating the most demanding operations.

The bench is structured on two independent axles, both consisting of a high efficiency and low inertia electrical apparatus with 132 kW of power (liquid cooled and controlled by an inverter up to 3,000 rpm) and a torque meter capable of measuring torques of up to 1,000 Nm.

The hydraulic devices are sized for flows up to 400 liters per minute and pressures up to 350 bar.

The bench, developed and manufactured by the partner company in Interpump Group Hydroven, is supplied with CE marking and complies with the mandatory workplace safety regulations (Machinery Directive and following); it complies with the general requirements of good design and the ergonomics standards of the best working places as well.

It is also environmentally friendly as it allows low energy consumption and power regeneration.

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