IIS "L. Nobili" and Walvoil together for the new computer laboratory

It is with a on field lesson that the new Laboratory of Technical Design and Computer Science was inaugurated on Saturday 16 March, the result of a collaboration between the IIS “L. Nobili” Institute located in Reggio Emilia, Italy, and Walvoil.
Located in the C0.08 classroom on the first floor of the Institute, the laboratory has 27 workstations for the students plus one for the teacher, entirely funded by Walvoil, on which fundamental programs have been installed to carry out increasingly more targeted and effective lessons of Technical Design, Mathematics, Systems and Automation and Computer Science, passing from AutoCad and SolidWorks to Ide Arduino and Scratch. School furnishings and internet are instead under the responsibility of the educational institution. 
After booking, from now on all classes of the Institute will be able to enter the laboratory.
"When the school and the companies’ worlds meet and work together, the results are concrete and important - the Institute Manager of IIS Nobili Elena Guidi comments - we thank Walvoil for the attention that keeps on giving to young people’s education and we invite our students to learn from the opportunities available to them. Our aim is to continue to feed this dialogue between the world of school and the world of work to shorten distances by taking care of the future of the new generations ”.