“Engineering Students? Walvoil supports their Education”

During this difficult year for the academic world, due to the interruption of the lessons in classroom, we confirmed our collaboration with educational institutions for training purposes.
In particular, between May and July 2020, we activated an interesting collaboration with students of the Master’s Degree course in Mechatronic Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia for a project related to the examination of “Mechanical Assisted Design & CAM”.


The project activity is the result of the collaboration between these students, our technical staff and the reference professors for the projects development.
It consists of the study of our hydraulic components through a software able to implement FEM analysis and, through a CAM software, of a tool path used to create the mold for the industrial production of these components.


Project 1:

The students Alessandra Fava and Carlo Carotenuto,  analyzed an on/off valve. Initially they conducted the finite element analysis on the valve body, an aluminium block with the maximum working pressure. Through Solidworks SW they analyzed the tensions arising during the simulation and studied possible optimizations.
While for the second part of the project they used Cimatron: thanks to this software they were able to make the tool path for a steel mold for the production of an elastomeric bellows.


Project 2:

The project carried out by Luca Taroni, Valentina Vezzani and Francesco Regalino, through Solidworks Simulation SW, concerned the study of the behaviour of a  pressure relief valve body, under different working conditions, and then its optimization. Later, through Cimatron SW, they focused on the realization of the tool path for a mold cavity for the production of a neoprene bellows.


At the end of the project we asked the students to give us their feedback about this experience.

Why did you choose to contact Walvoil?
“We decided to contact Walvoil because it is an important company of our territory manufacturing hydraulic/mechatronic components and systems, which we consider appropriate and interesting for our project. “
Valentina Vezzani

 “…Being able to collaborate with such realities can only be highly formative. In addition, the Company showed interest in our project right from the very beginning.” 
Carlo Carotenuto


The availability of the Staff

“We received the material quickly and with accurate explanations by the Engineers following us throughout the development of the project. Secondly, I appreciated the promptness and the commitment of  the Human Resources Office in establishing the contacts for us with the Technical Office, which provided us great  support .“
Luca  Taroni


The technical support provided by the experts

Of course we found some obstacles during the project development but the Company’s technical support never failed so we were able to successfully complete the design task.“
Regalino Francesco


“It was an important training experience because it offered me the opportunity to have a first professional approach regarding how to relate to colleagues, how to manage work times and the specific activities necessary for the project, aspects that unfortunately are missing during our studies."
Alessandra Fava

Walvoil's commitment remains alive to continue to foster a virtuous exchange of ideas and collaborations with the world of education, an fundamental source of enrichment for our company.